An immersive fulldome experience.

Inside Out

Originally produced for Iziko Museums & UCT Centre for Curating the Archive
Adam Oosthuizen
Thom Dreyer
Ché Coelho
Ross Eyre
Immersive Media
Digital Dome
Cape Town, 
South Africa
Through a selection process involving initial submissions, presentations & digital dome workshops - Inside Out was selected as one of 9 experimental VR films to be showcased at Under the Dome, the first Digital Dome film festival to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The film was produced with assistance from Iziko Museums and UCT's Centre for Curating the Archive and debuted at the Iziko Digital Dome in late 2019 and ran for three consecutive nights. 

View the trailer in standard format on Vimeo.


Inside Out is an abstract journey exploring the relationship between the outside world and the inner world of the mind. We furnish our minds with the rich topography of what we see outside ourselves — but to what extent do our inner worlds affect the external world? The production challenges the assumption that this influence is unilateral. As the narrative unfolds, the boundary between outside and inside blurs, until eventually they coalesce. Through projection of a constructed world, the experience potentiates the mind’s propensity for projection of the psyche to expose the interdependence of the two realms.

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