Exercise in Generative Data Sculptures

Ross Eyre
Cape Town, South Africa
In Progress
2020 - 
Medium / Processes
Bronze, parametric modelling, digital fabrication
Project Type
An ongoing investigation into the design of generative forms & 'data sculptures' using open-access data and parametric modelling tools.

The first piece (shown below) was conceptualised at the start of a nationwide shutdown in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Using open-access data from Jon Hopkins University and the W.H.O, three dimensional forms were generated with the parametric modelling tools Rhino & Grasshopper 3D. The resulting 'data sculptures' are three dimensional representations of each region's infection rates over the course of several months, with the diameter of the form indicating the rate of transmission compared to the previous day.

The data sculptures shown below (generated with Rhino and rendered with Blender) are unique representations of the following regions: US, China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Italy, India, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore.