ARKOLOGY is a transdisciplinary arts & technology collective based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are interested in advancing patterns for sustainable human ecologies through experiential design & P2P architectures.
Experiential Design
Through collaborative and emergent design processes our team aims to create digitally-mediated environments & artefacts that have the capacity to engender new insights and relationships, and which may function as vehicles that draw us out of experiential stasis. 
P2P Architecture
Peer-to-Peer emphasises freedom of connection. It is a type of social relation that enables new modes of production (knowledge & material) and property. Ultimately, it is about improving human coordination. Our team is interested in advancing designs for Commons-oriented P2P ecosystems which support new coordination capacities.

design Services

Systems Modelling
• Agent-based Modelling
• System Dynamics Modelling
3D Design
• 3D Modelling
• 3D Visualisations
• Digital Fabrication
• AR/XR Experiences
• VFX & Motion Graphics

• Sound Design 
• Interactive Visuals
• Projection Mapping